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Tegan instructs the following:
  • Trafoi
  • Visit one of the best kept secret villages in Italy known as Trafoi. The village of almost 90 inhabitants is located at the foot of the Ortler Mountain Glaciers, right in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. It is summer in Trafoi and we will sprint our way through the peacefully beautiful village of Trafoi before tackling the climb to the top of the picturesque Stelvio National Park. You will leave this class feeling refreshed and full of positive vibes!

  • Forgona

  • Summer Vibes

  • Ride & Core 4


  • Deia
  • The beats kick your mind into gear from the get-go as you take off on a journey through the sunny, gorgeous green rolling hills of Deia, Spain. It’s just you and the rich landscape as you wind and sweat your way to the top of a series of peaks followed by an exhilarating zoom back down!

  • Wanaka

  • Hawaiian Heat
  • HAWAII HAWAII HAWAII! Hop between all the Hawaiin islands to some unbelievable music. This one is a leg burner and a crowd favourite for the front row. Watch the calories get stripped off the body in this ride ladies and gents!

  • Aspen Grove

  • Ride & Core 5

  • Snow Farm
  • CLIMB! CLIMB! CLIMB! But there is no snow in sight in this ride. It is raw as we are on the dirt road riding high and dirty on New Zealand's south island. Every song focused on getting us one step closer to the last as the legs start to burn we will push together and make it. Deal? DEAL!

  • Hanalei Bay
  • We would have to say that Hanalei Bay is easily the most beautiful spot of all of the Hawaiian destinations. Nestled into the picturesque coastline of kaui this sleepy beach side town makes for a great class. But don't let yourself think this is going to be easy. The strategic make up of work phases in this ride gets the heart pumping right from the start!