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Kylie instructs the following:
  • Uluru Unleashed

  • Calvin Harris vs Swedish House Mafia


  • Hong Kong

  • Prince vs George Michael

  • RnB Beats

  • City 2 Surf
  • Sydney's famous annual fun run from the CBD right down to Bondi Beach! But we have "Scenified" it and brought it to the Scenic Cycle platform. Whether you have run it before, are running it this year or maybe in the future, doing it in studio will give you a nice taste. 3 tracks towards the end back to back are epic too!

  • RnB in the USA

  • Mt Fuji
  • Mt Fuji in Japan is world famous as everyone knows. Riding song after song getting closer to the base of the mountain keeps things interesting. Lots of speed work here for all the sprinters and you can't help but love looking at that awe inspiring Mountain ahead of you. 

  • Dubai
  • Sprint your way through the city of Dubai without having to endure the heat! With some uphill dark phases to build some strength and some sunny speed phases, this ride provides a well rounded workout that will keep you burning calories for long after class! Palm tree to palm tree, challenge yourself to reach your top speed!

  • Moscari
  • Spain is famous for it's cycling routes in the countryside. But cycling through the towns and cities is equally as fun. We get ready to spend some time in the city hubs here but also flirt with some of the outskirts. It's relatively flat so we will spend some time in the dark here to crank up some resistance and the interval work is short, sharp and powerful and everyone is enjoying Moscari with a passion. 

  • Tramuntana
  • Great music. Great scenery. Great work phases. Everyone loves Tramuntana. An area made famous by cycling legends in the heart of Spain. The ride starts off a little easy to go all out from the start as by the time you get to track 6 things really start to get difficult but every single rider seems to leave this ride with a huge smile on their face!

  • Port de Mao
  • No doubt this starts with a bang! Straight in with a high energy track, and from here it's only going to get better! Race along the marina, and up the coastal road before heading back to sea level. Some mellow high resistance dark work phases in between give this ride excellent variety, and the final view during the cooldown is worth sticking around for.

  • Chu Charlie Club Mix

  • Niseko
  • SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! This ride is so WHITE that we barely see the asphalt on the road apart from the hill on track 6 that is heated so the snow melts. Snow continually falls the entire ride and this is definitely a crowd favourite amongst the SC family and a bit of a novelty ride.