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Lauren instructs the following:
  • Vail

  • Zernez
  • You're Up! You're Down! You're Up! We transport ourselves here to the beautiful Swiss Alps as we head high initially and then cut down through the valley before summiting at the top of the world famous Zernez! Hot Tip: be prepared for the surprise in the last 30 seconds...

  • Cruis'n Carmel
  • Hop on your bike and take in the views along the gorgeous cliffs of Carmel. While your body will feel challenged to overcome each work phase your eyes will find it very easy to take in the sights of California's coastline with long beaches and piercing blue water.

  • Fountain Valley

  • Whistler
  • It's world famous! It's one of the best skiing resorts in the world. It's sunny, it's hot, it's summer and an amazing ride. Some high intensity work phases here get the heart pumping and the hill exactly half way through the ride is a monster! You can't help but love Whistler!

  • Backstreet Boys vs. NSYNC
  • Mashup of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC- this class speaks for itself! If you love these boy bands come cycle the globe with us to your favourite tunes. 

  • Chu Charlie Club Mix

  • Great Ocean Road.

  • Alcudia
  •  Welcome to one of the most gorgeous pockets of the globe, located on the star island of the Mediterranean: Mallorca. Postcard perfect, this ride will take you on a journey down breathtaking coastal roads, through an exhilarating limestone tunnel and up against the cliffs toward a mentally clarifying finish along the serene roads of Alcudia.

  • Realp
  • It's Steep! It's heavy! It's REALP. Switzerland's beautiful country side leaves you in awe as you fight to get to that last song. This one will test your limits but leave you burning 100's of more calories than you thought possible. One of the instructor's "staff picks" of the month and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. 

  • 90's Rock n' Roll

  • Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera

  • Hawaiian Heat
  • HAWAII HAWAII HAWAII! Hop between all the Hawaiin islands to some unbelievable music. This one is a leg burner and a crowd favourite for the front row. Watch the calories get stripped off the body in this ride ladies and gents!

  • Beyonce vs David Guetta
  • This is a fun round the world trip all to the music of David Guetta and Beyonce. The terrain is varied, the music is motivating and the endorphins will be BIG!!!