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Erin has worked within the fitness industry for 10 years, racking up an average of 100kms a day in the spin room.
To the most experienced rider Erin will challenge you while encouraging and nurturing the newest of riders to make it to the end!
With a background in the entertainment industry you will sure to have a memorable experience in Erin’s class!

Erin instructs the following:
  • Palm Beach Vibes

  • Chu Charlie Club Mix

  • Ride & Core 2

  • Virtual Class - Queenstown

  • Santa Barbara
  • The sunset, iconic California palms and one of the most beautiful cities in the U.S. make this ride one for the books. Pumping down the coastline toward the sunset, don’t let the serene scenery fool you as you prepare to tackle two peaks up through flourishing, green streets of Southern California toward a well-worth-the-burn finish at the beach.

  • Coronet Peak
  • Prepare to give your body and mind a full re-boot as you conquer New Zealand’s stunning Coronet Peak. Climb, sprint and pump your way up 1,650 m through pristine natural beauty while the energy of the beats push you harder and higher. From the second your feet hit the pedals you’re locked into the zone and ready to summit.

  • Pink vs Lady Gaga


  • Beyonce vs David Guetta
  • This is a fun round the world trip all to the music of David Guetta and Beyonce. The terrain is varied, the music is motivating and the endorphins will be BIG!!!

  • Calvin Harris vs Swedish House Mafia

  • Steingletscher
  • As voted by many of the SC instructors Steingletscher is the best of the best. It is simply stunning as we climb track after track to get to the peak. The sun is out shining and some speed work mixed in mid climbs leaves the legs feeling depleted as we finish up on a high. The scenery is outstanding!

  • 90's Guilty Pleasures

  • Around the 80s
  • If there’s a single decade that brings the energy, it’s the 80’s. The stunning scenery of this ‘Around the World’ ride parallel electrifying tunes as you pump through Hawaii, climb through New Zealand and give your pedals a run for their money through locations from the Swiss Alps to the desert of Arizona and across the Pacific to snowy Japan.

  • Cruis'n Carmel
  • Hop on your bike and take in the views along the gorgeous cliffs of Carmel. While your body will feel challenged to overcome each work phase your eyes will find it very easy to take in the sights of California's coastline with long beaches and piercing blue water.

  • Around the Globe
  • Our global tour showcases the streets of Spain, the hills of Norway, Dubai, Switzerland, Tasmania, New York City and Santa Barbara USA. Definitely a scenic cycle favorite and not to be missed!

  • Ride & Core 1

  • Minturn

  • Buttermilk

  • Mt Fuji
  • Mt Fuji in Japan is world famous as everyone knows. Riding song after song getting closer to the base of the mountain keeps things interesting. Lots of speed work here for all the sprinters and you can't help but love looking at that awe inspiring Mountain ahead of you. 

  • Vancouver
  • It's famous. It's Canada. It's the most liveable city in the world. IT'S VANCOUVER! Enjoy riding through the sunny summer streets of Vancouver BC as you ride through the hustle (not really bustle) of town and then out into West Vancouver and back in. One of the most enjoyable rides on the Scenic tour with dope tunes to match. 

  • Bieber vs One Direction
  • No matter if you have Beiber or One direction preferences (which will be kept confidential!), this ride combines the best of both along with sprints, hills and bounces! Beiber and 1D will push you to your limits around to the world including scenic spots such as Dubai, Norway and Hawaii.
    Feel free to sing along if you have any breath left!