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Hanalei Bay

This class is taught by:

Erin Browne

Erin has worked within the fitness industry for 10 years, racking up an average of 100kms a day in the spin room.
To the most experienced rider Erin will challenge you while encouraging and nurturing the newest of riders to make it to the end!
With a background in the entertainment industry you will sure to have a memorable experience in Erin’s class!

Jen Greaves

Originally from London in the UK, Jen began her fitness career in Hong Kong where she lived for eight years before landing in Sydney.
Jen is qualified to teach many different disciplines, but was quickly hooked on indoor cycling.
With a love of music and travel, Jen is right at home on a Scenic Cycle ride!
She will make sure you have fun whilst getting the most out of your workout!

Tom Sproats

Tom is the Founder of Scenic Cycle with a passion for innovation & creation in the fitness sector. When he’s not filming & editing up the next week’s newest rides you’ll catch him surfing his home break Manly & enjoying the outdoor lifestyle of the Northern Beaches.

Leash Portelli

Leash is dedicated passionate in all things health and fitness. She embarked on my career in this industry only recently, only to realise her true calling and embarked on a career in the Health and Fitness industry, inspiring people to live more active lives through her instructor and personal training roles.

Qualified in Cert III and IV in fitness, she took on instructing at Scenic Cycle. Leash has cemented herself as an energetic, passionate and encouraging instructor dedicated to helping people achieve their goals by working hard and adding a level of fun to each session.

Julie Lin

Julie has been active in the fitness industry and in spinning for more than 10 years. She previously managed an indoor cycling studio in New York City and returned to Sydney to share her expertise with the Scenic Cycle family.
Julie excels at motivating people and pushing them over and above their comfort zone. Her rides are high in energy, intensity and FUN!

Olivia Kiss

Olivia's passion for health and fitness is undeniable. Her love for a great challenge has exposed her to trekking and conquering some of the world's largest peaks, including Everest and Kilimanjaro as well as diving some of the worlds most secluded parts of the ocean. When she's not teaching or studying law, she's gallivanting around the world in search of her next big adventure!

Kat Marik

Kat found her passion for group fitness 8 years ago, since then it has been full steam ahead instructing a wide array of classes. Being a Personal Trainer, Kat takes health and fitness seriously but understand the need to make fitness fun to ensure people keep coming back. When Kat isn't in the cycle studio, you'll find her competing in running events, triathlons or training for her next ironman!

Monica Diana

Monica has been active in the Fitness industry and Spinning for more than 10 years. In Italy she was a professional ballerina before to become Fitness instructor and Personal trainer.
She moved in Manly 3 years ago where she started to share her expertise and passion with the Northern beaches community and the Scenic Cycle family. Monica is friendly and very motivate to help people to achieve their goals.

Katie Lawson

Katie has been all about everything health and fitness from a young age. Teaching cycle classes gives her passion and enthusiasm about keeping healthy and active whilst getting up a good sweat. When she's not slogging it out on the bike you'll find her at yoga or down at the beach!

Sabine Stockdale

Sabina has been in the health and fitness industry since over 23 years working as a Physiotherapist, Nutritionist and Spin instructor. She has performed many roles gym related, but her favourite would be to take you on a bike journey you will remember, not just because it burned, but because you gave everything you had and walked out fitter then ever!
We would have to say that Hanalei Bay is easily the most beautiful spot of all of the Hawaiian destinations. Nestled into the picturesque coastline of kaui this sleepy beach side town makes for a great class. But don't let yourself think this is going to be easy. The strategic make up of work phases in this ride gets the heart pumping right from the start!